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  1. madhurjya sarma
    madhurjya sarma
    Time has come to reestablish Dharma. One must not wait for Kalki. Act individualy
  2. Deepak Chauhan
    Deepak Chauhan Admin
    Hello sir. I eagerly await your guidance to my query.Thanks
  3. Deepak Chauhan
    Deepak Chauhan Admin
    Hello sir, I have gone through your reply in my thread. Was your prediction based on attached chart OR was it based on details mentioned along with question. I joined a lower position job in Mumbai away from my family in August 2015 which lasted till April 2016. If your current prediction come true, then am I heading for another repeat of circumstances. Please guide. Thanks & regards.
  4. Deepak Chauhan
    Deepak Chauhan Admin
    hello sir,

    I have no friends on your platform but find your answers very logical & could not resist posting my astro concern.

    Please take out time & give your valuable advice.I am very concerned about my finances in future.

  5. Bresnan
    Wait until success achieve!
  6. lillysweet18
    lillysweet18 Admin
    I just want to know that as per my details do I have any chance of getting or qualifying govt job exams.
  7. lillysweet18
    lillysweet18 Admin

    I am waiting for your reply.
    1. Admin
      I have replied in your thread.
      Jul 21, 2015
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