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    Dear sir,

    I have been working since 1985, but since Nov 2010, there is not stability in my job/income. I have been having break from job/income every year. What ever I earn during job finishes during my unemployment. Currently I am unemployed since April 2016 & my savings are about to finish. I am concerned about lack of direction for future. Where will I get my income from Job or business? When will the income restart?
    DOB: 3rd April 1964
    Place: Subzi Mandi, Delhi
    Time : 14: 50 afternoon
    Attached is my horoscope chart.

    looking for your valued guidance.

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    I am guessing that youve already found a job in the last few days but if not then you will see a sudden stroke of luck that would find you a means of livelyhood after August first week.

    Saturn will transit back to scorpio end of this month and that would bring temporary relief which in your case means a window of opportunity. You may have to work in a capascity that is lower then you are capable of or in other words you may have to work for or take orders from people who are less competent. You chart also indicates that you may have to go away from family for work if you are willing to do that.

    Success will come when you stop depending on others. Become fiercely independent if you want to get some where in life. People you depend upon will normally back out when it is time for action so try to do things that you can do without anyone's help.
  3. Deepak Chauhan

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  4. Deepak Chauhan

    Deepak Chauhan New Member

    Many thanks for your reply sir.

    Can you guide me in long term perspective, where I can follow one route ( job or business) that can take care of my livelihood & financial situation.

    I lost last 3 Jobs because of reasons ,not in my control ( all 3 companies shut down) which has made me vary of future jobs.
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    Sorry about the delay in reply. I do not log in here often because hardly any posts here.

    Coming back to your chart, With decades of experience I have gathered that the only useful thing I can tell you is that you will need to become independent. Do not trust people and do not depend on other people. The day you become fiercely independent success will come to you.

    I am setting up a new forum at if you want to find me in future.

    My honest opinion is that you will not benefit from knowing the future. The only thing that's beneficial for you Ive already posted above.


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